Seabobs: The Yacht Toy for the Adventurers

Summer is back, and it’s time to charter a yacht and get back out on the water. Whether you are cruising the Caribbean islands or docked along Miami Beach, no sea adventure is complete without some yacht toys to add to the fun.

One of the most popular yacht toys available is the seabob. Whether you are renting or buying—a seabob is a necessary addition to your yacht. Excellent for families or individual exploits, the seabob is the toy of the summer.

Read on to find out why.

What Is a Seabob?

In simple terms, a seabob is a high-performance, underwater Jet Ski. Think of those machines that James Bond uses to tread through the water as he escapes villains who are hot on his trail.

The seabob is an eco-friendly steam-powered machine that can propel you on “top of” or “through the” water by grasping onto the handles at its side. Moving between 9 and 14 mph, this watercraft is perfect for exploring underwater reefs, shipwrecks, and covers up to 130 feet deep!

A seabob is a great way to amp up any snorkeling or scuba diving adventure. And it’s fun for the whole family. Best rated for ages 10 to 80, the seabob will allow you to explore the depth and beauty of the ocean for over an hour at top speed.

This yacht toy is also non-aggressive to the water surroundings, meaning you can literally swim with the fishes without disturbing their habitats or causing undue harm to their environments. 

It is also intuitive to use with its easy-grip handles, simple controls, and an HD camera that will record your adventure for others to see or for you to simply relive the experience. 

Where Can I Get a Seabob?

Seabobs can be purchased or rented directly from Aqua Flight! What’s more—we even deliver to any marina anywhere in the USA and neighboring countries. We can even ship seabobs all the way to the Bahamas on a private plane to ensure that you receive the equipment in tip-top shape. 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide fun without the hassle. 

Book a Seabob Tour Now

If you’re nervous about using a seabob for the first time, why not try out a Seabob Adventure the next time you’re in Fort Lauderdale. Aqua Flight offers you exclusive tours and diving experiences with seabobs as its main attraction. Being the only Seabob Adventure in Florida, Aqua Flight is perfectly poised to provide you with a unique and exciting experience that will have your friends filled with “envy”.

Book your Seabob Adventure now!

Seabob Repairs and Maintenance

Aqua Flight is the only company in Florida that can repair and maintain seabobs. Rated the #1 watersport company in Fort Lauderdale, Aqua Flight will replace damaged parts, perform routine maintenance and services, and ensure that your seabob is in top condition at all times. Simply send your seabob to us (or we can pick it up from your doorstep!), and we will make every effort to get it functioning at its best once again.

Get a Seabob—Today!

Contact our rental office to hire out a seabob for the summer. 

For repairs on Jet Skis, Seabobs, lift foils, and electric surfboards, contact:


You’re just a call away from your big underwater exploration adventure yet!

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